Natural and Synthetic Antioxidants for Petfood Stabilization

Kemin’s stability assurance program includes natural* and synthetic antioxidants to control oxidation during all phases of the petfood manufacturing and rendering processes. One of the key features of this program is our integrated approach to freshness protection which ensures that the nutrition and palatability of the petfood is maintained throughout its shelf-life.

Kemin understands that your quality assurance program must address the entire manufacturing process, from raw material quality to finished product stability. A successful quality assurance program requires the right natural or synthetic antioxidants, and the technical support needed to ensure that your objectives are met.

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Kemin is Your Pet Food Freshness Partner

Kemin is leading the way in developing innovative natural antioxidant formulations that provide industry leading performance that meet the expanding challenges of today’s petfood diets. Kemin also offers a range of synthetic formulations that provide maximum value and protection from oxidation.

Kemin takes pride in the fact that many of the world’s leading petfood manufacturers, ingredient suppliers and renderers turn to us for stabilization and freshness protection needs. What sets Kemin apart is that our extensive product portfolio is complimented by our application expertise, and our extensive technical support. You can feel confident that we have the knowledge and resources to provide freshness solutions that address your local and global needs.

The benefits of a Kemin partnership include:

  • Resources focused on the petfood and ingredient industries
  • Knowledge and expertise in the rendering industry
  • Industry leadership in natural and synthetic antioxidants
  • Technical Services and Customer Laboratory Services (CLS) teams dedicated to providing technical support and laboratory testing for rendered raw materials and petfood diets
  • Product Application Department (PAD) ensures effective solutions for optimal antioxidant application

Natural Antioxidants for Petfood Stability

The keys to the successful use of natural antioxidants in pet foods:

  • A thorough understanding of how processing and ingredients impact the stability of the finished petfood diet
  • Selecting the right antioxidant at the right dosage level to achieve desired shelf-life targets

For over 25 years Kemin has led the way in developing natural antioxidant formulations that provide innovative stability performance solutions that satisfies consumer expectations.

NATUROX® Natural Antioxidants

The industry leading NATUROX natural antioxidant system features a complete line of liquid and dry freshness protection products. Our unique NATUROX products are formulated with a synergistic blend of mixed tocopherols (natural sources) with emulsifiers and chelators for complete protection against autoxidation.

VERDILOX™ Natural Antioxidants

The VERDILOX brand is a natural antioxidant innovation that revolutionized performance by harnessing natural sources of sustainable antioxidants to provide industry leading shelf-life performance. The unique VERDILOX antioxidant combinations allow the stabilization of a wide range of products and ingredients.

PARAMEGA™ Natural Antioxidants

The PARAMEGA brand of natural antioxidants features a line of products formulated to enhance the stabilization of the most challenging diets and ingredients. Petfood Diets, along with vegetable and marine ingredients that are high in omega-3 & 6 fatty acids are difficult to stabilize. As a result, PARAMEGA antioxidants provide effective stabilization solutions to broaden the ingredients available to petfood manufacturers and ingredient suppliers.

Synthetic Antioxidants for Maximum Protection from Oxidation

There are several synthetic antioxidant options available for the control of free radical chain reactions in the petfood and rendering manufacturing processes. These include: Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA), Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), Tertiary butyl hydroquinone (TBHQ), Ethoxyquin (EQ) and Propyl gallate (PG). Kemin understands that the effectiveness of these antioxidants is determined by the manufacturing process and by the kind of ingredients that are being stabilized. You can be confident that our diverse portfolio of synthetic antioxidant formulations provides maximum protection from oxidation.

PET-OX® Synthetic Antioxidants

Kemin‘s PET-OX brand is a line of liquid and dry antioxidants containing a synergistic blend of synthetic antioxidants, including BHA, BHT or propyl gallate to provide maximum protection from autoxidation for petfood manufacturers.

TERMOX™ Synthetic Antioxidants

The TERMOX brand of liquid and dry synthetic antioxidants is designed for the optimum stabilization of fats, oils and other raw materials, as well as finished pet food products that are highly susceptible to oxidation.

RENDOX® Synthetic Antioxidants

To provide maximum protection from autoxidation Kemin offers a dynamic line of liquid and dry synthetic antioxidants under the brand name RENDOX. These are specifically formulated to provide oxidative stability to ingredients from the rendering industry and to petfood products.

HYBRILOX™ Synthetic Antioxidants

Kemin’s HYBRILOX brand of liquid and dry antioxidants is designed to provide petfood manufacturers an alternative to BHA and BHT. It combines a powerful blend of natural antioxidants and antioxidants derived from natural sources to provide effective antioxidant stabilization at a reasonable cost.

Add Kemin Antioxidants to Your Mix

Real partnerships require true collaboration for the development of innovative solutions that meet your changing needs. Only Kemin can provide you with a broad range of proven solutions for utilizing natural or synthetic antioxidants throughout the entire pet food manufacturing process. That’s why leading petfood manufacturers, ingredient suppliers and renderers turn to Kemin for antioxidant shelf-life stabilization solutions.

Contact your Kemin Sales Representative today to learn how Kemin Antioxidants can provide shelf-life stabilization solutions to meet the growing consumer demand for high quality pet foods and pet treats. And, let us show you how our Customer Laboratory Services (CLS), Technical Support, and our Product Application Department (PAD) can provide added-value service to help you achieve your goals.

*Natural as defined by the 2017 Official Publication of the Association of American Feed Control Officials.

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