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Bath Pillows

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SaleBorne Freestanding Bath Pillowby Symple Stuff$40.39$44.05(18)Rated 4 out of 5 stars.18 total votesFree ShippingAfter a tiring day, our adult one-piece bathroom allows you to enjoy comfort in the bath. This full-body pillow is soft, but provides enough support to keep it comfortable. The one-piece design bath cushion reduces the pressure on the back, shoulders and tailbone, while providing a moderate headrest to support the tired neck and head. It's easy for you to read in the bathtub, or just close your eyes and relax. If you like bathing, you have to buy this, if you don't like bathing, you will!The luxurious bathtub mat and bath mat we designed is to wrap your body in a soft, breathable mat, so you can bathe in happiness.The bath mat is made of comfortable and safe materials, EPS styrofoam particles, elastic and breathable, and good resilience.With a ventilated and breathable design, our breathable bathtub pillows allow continuous, fresh airflow to quickly dry and keep cool.Our bath mat cushion is made of skin-friendly swimsuit material, which is healthy and does not irritate the skin.After use, just wash with water, gently squeeze out the water, and hang to dry.Behind that lovely bathroom setting is a bath mat...which is very comfortable and easy to manage in and under water . It can also fold into the large bath pillow to support your head and neck. Again, its comfortable and smooth. So relax, dim the lights and enjoy your bath Thank you WAYFAIR ☺️. Karen. Farmington Hills, MI. 2021-12-14 12:19:01Opens in a new tab
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