How to ensure trouble-free performance from your Nichrome milk packing machine

The dairy milk industry is growing in leaps and bounds. Partnering with the growing number of players in the dairy business is Nichrome, leading automatic packaging machine manufacturer. A pioneer in milk pouch packaging, Nichrome developed India’s first indigenous milk filling machine in 1976-77.

Nichrome provides world-class quality milk and dairy packaging machines that can help to increase business while preserving the quality of your product. Nichrome provides total support to customers, right from consultation and customised machine development to extensive after sales services! Operating in 45+ countries apart from India, Nichrome has 8000+ successful installations worldwide!

Nichrome’s Filpack Series is a range of sturdy, hi-performance milk packaging machines that are market leaders for their accuracy, speed and low wastage. The Filpack 12K is India’s fastest milk pouch packaging machine, packing a record 12,000 pouches per hour.

Filpack 6K, 10K and 12K offer a choice of pouch width options – 100 mm, 125 mm and 150 mm, in sizes of 200 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml. The machines have a complete stainless steel structure, with digital heat control system for maximum accuracy and a separate control panel box. It has an inbuilt jumbo roll and a web tracking attachment. Recipes can be set and quantity can be changed through the HMI alone and machine automations can be remotely accessed. The installed insulated tanks maintain product temperature and minimize energy loss.

Getting the best from your Nichrome milk packing machine

Nichrome’s milk packing machines are all designed for trouble-free performance to ensure high productivity in your plant. But at the end of the day, a machine is a machine and bound to throw up errors occasionally.

There are simple things you can do to minimise downtime and problems on your automatic pouch packing machine.


Adhere to a daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning and preventive maintenance schedule. This can be done either by your internal team or by Nichrome through a Maintenance Contract. Nichrome can also provide the necessary training to your staff for these activities.


Before you begin operating your machine, check the following things:

  • Has the machine been powered on for at least 20 – 30 minutes before engaging the heat seal bar?
  • Is the heater temperature within the specified range?
  • Are the product and bag loading areas free of obstructions and malfunctions?
  • Are all switches functioning normally?


While your pouch fill and seal machine is operating, periodically check the following things:

  • Are the bags feeding properly into the machine and is there adequate supply?
  • Are the printer, sealing bar, and other vital components functioning properly?
  • Watch the HMI screen for error messages.

Nichrome for Dairy Packaging

Nichrome’s expertise extends beyond milk pouch packaging to other dairy products as well. Nichrome offers a simple, cost-effective mini dairy plant for small dairy farmers. It also offers multiple solutions, both HFFS and VFFS, for pouch packaging of diary products such as milk powder, dairy whitener, curd, yogurt, buttermilk, lassi, cream and ghee.

Nichrome’s portfolio also includes bottle and tin filling lines to fill a wide range of powder and liquid products. What’s more, solutions can be customised for specific needs. All the machines are designed using superior quality components and advanced technology, and go through stringent testing on well-defined parameters so as to ensure hassle free operation and performance of machine for a longer period of time. Discuss your requirements for milk packing machines with Nichrome, today.