Wet Strength Kraft Paper

Like rebar in concrete, the addition of wet strength to kraft paper chemistry provides strength and performance in wet and humid environments. Acting as an invisible net, wet strength enhances sheet performance by holding together the fiber structure once moisture is absorbed resulting in converted products that keep their integrity in the some of the most demanding applications.

Used in a wide variety of agricultural, industrial and consumer oriented applications, our wet strength kraft paper grades have been tailored to meet specific end-use performance requirements on the converting line and in the market. From fields to front lawns, wet strength kraft paper provides consumers, farmers and manufacturers with sustainable products that work seamlessly in their operations.

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Wet Strength Kraft Paper Product Solutions:

  • Superior performance in wet and moist environments
  • Wide range of basis weights from 40 lb to 80 lb on a 3,000 square foot basis
  • FDA Compliant for direct food contact
  • Green stripe option available to signal wet strength addition
  • Low lint, smooth surface for excellent printing
  • Consistent and reliable converting and performance
  • Renewable and recyclable
  • Lawn & Leaf Bags


From the field to the market, wet strength kraft paper fits the bill for performance and resilience in many demanding applications including:

  • Multiwall baler and potato bags
  • Flower sleves
  • Continuous and sheeted raisin tray
  • High strength crop twine

Lawn & Leaf Bags

Strong and durable, wet strength kraft paper is used in the construction of lawn and leaf bags providing an ideal option for disposing of yard waste in compliance with many local ordinances and regulations. Our wet strength kraft paper meets the needs of converters and retailers alike with dependable converting performance, puncture resistance and an excellent printing surface for band consistency.

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