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Long durable have full packing line planning ability. We are good at providing automatic plastic packing machines for cups, lids and straws.

Our automatic plastic packaging machine can packing paper cups with PS, PP, PET material and other plastic sheet polymers cups. And the machine can packing for different size and connect cups forming machine. We make counter, packing machine and put into carton. We can contact Korean or china paper cups forming machine. We also can Germany or Italy MF Series thermoforming machine for high speed production line. We also provide servo motor type packing machine.

We provide semi-automatic lids plastic packing machine for different shape lids, ex coffee lids, soup bowl lids, ice lids and ect. Our auto plastic packing machinery use least packing film and different PE PP CPP material and easy operate with HIMI for setting size.

We are also offering auto straw packaging machine suit on plastic and paper straws. We use sensor counting each straw to decrease its difference and you can setting how many pcs for one package to make complete package.

  • Simple push-button operation.
  • Available for auto feeding from the conveyor.
  • Fast sealing increases work efficiency.
  • Applicable to film material include PE, OPP etc.
  • LV-56 + LF-720
  • LF-725
  • LF-721
  • LF-726
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