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Preserving food and foodstuffs has never been easier than with a commercial vacuum sealer. These appliances are a must-have for restaurants, meat and food processors, or any business that provides large quantities of meals, like a hospital or hotel. Vacuum sealers preserve vast amounts of meats, liquids, and other foods by vacuuming air and oxygen from a specially made bag, thereby sealing them to be stored for later use. 

Commercial vacuum sealers preserve foods in bulk and are essential for any food business

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Commercial Vacuum Sealers—Buying Guide

Before deciding on which vacuum sealer to buy, it’s good to decide on what features you’d like to be included. Some come with built-in bag storage and cutter, and others have features like additional vacuum settings, i.e. marination and infusion. However, it's always wise to factor in the likelihood that more features will mean the vacuum sealer you buy will be more expensive.

In addition, some of the more expensive models also have a pulse mode that gradually draws air out in quick pulses, making them ideal for sealing potato chips, bread, and other delicate foods so as not to break them. Some are even suitable for sous vide—a method of cooking food in a plastic pouch or a glass container that is then placed in water for a long time at a low temperature (LTLT). Sous vide devices simmer the vacuum-sealed foods below their boiling point for a tender result.

Types of Vacuum Sealers

There are two main types of sealers for conserving foods; edger sealers and chamber sealers.

Edger sealers

These are designed mainly for home use, although several professional models can handle high quantities. This type of sealer is more user-friendly and much more affordable than a chamber sealer.

It functions by placing food in a bag, then aligning it with the edger to vacuum the air out. Whereas the initial cost may be lower, the amount paid on the air-channeled packs can quickly bring expenses up.

This appliance is also generally not suitable for liquids as it vacuums air out of the bag and may squeeze some of the fluids out as well, creating an insecure closure. Some customers either freeze the liquids before sealing or use a much larger bag to get around the issue.

Chamber sealers

These types are primarily used in commercial settings and are usually larger, heavier, and more expensive than edger sealers. They preserve food in a chamber that, if large enough, can seal many bags or even mason jars at the same time. The pouch edge is placed along the seal bar, and all air is removed once the unit is closed.

Chamber sealers also have two different motors, a dry piston, and an oil pump. Dry piston pumps are great for regular use but are not intended for many hours of sealing as they may overheat. Most commercial vacuum sealers are equipped with an oil pump that helps vacuum items quicker, in some cases almost 50% faster.

Though they require more maintenance than an edger sealer, they provide quieter operation, last longer, and are equipped with several additional vacuum abilities, like marination, infusion, or extraction.

Thomas’ Top Picks for the Best Commercial Vacuum Sealer

We’ve rounded up a list of the best commercial vacuum sealers for all needs and budgets.

Best Commercial-Grade Vacuum Sealer: VacMaster Chamber Commercial-Grade Vacuum Sealer | Buy Now

Best Large Commercial Vacuum Sealer: Weston Pro Large Commercial Vacuum Sealer | Buy Now

Best Commercial Vacuum Sealer for Meat: VacMaster Chamber Commercial Vacuum Sealer | Buy Now

Best Commercial Vacuum Sealer for Liquids: PolyScience Chamber Commercial Vacuum Sealer for Liquids | Buy Now

Best Commercial Vacuum Sealer for Food: LEM Commercial Vacuum Sealer for Food | Buy Now

Best Professional Commercial Vacuum Sealer: Weston Chamber Professional Commercial Vacuum Sealer | Buy Now

Best Budget Commercial Vacuum Sealer: Foodsaver Budget Commercial Vacuum Sealer | Buy Now

For more information about these top commercial vacuum sealers and why thousands of customers chose to buy them, keep on scrolling.

*Prices listed in this article were as shown in US$ on (USA) as of February 2022

1. Best Commercial-Grade Vacuum Sealer—VacMaster Chamber Vacuum Sealer

VacMaster is one of the leading manufacturers of chamber vacuum sealers, and this commercial-grade sealer is designed for professional use. Its heavy-duty construction, automatic start, and one-foot sealing bar make it an ideal choice for a restaurant or other food-providing business.

This unit has an oil pump and weighs almost 100 pounds. “It seals everything,” one satisfied buyer commented. “Fine powders like flour, liquids to include soup, and even water. I’ve used it for grains, miscellaneous non-food parts, sugar, and even stuff in mason jars up to a quart in size.”

BUY NOW: US$1,399, Amazon

2. Best Large Commercial Vacuum Sealer—Weston Pro Large Vacuum Sealer

This large stainless steel edger vacuum sealer from Weston features a double piston pump, a manual seal button and can secure even moist foods with its wide seal bar. Sealer bags for this device can also fit most other sealers and come in a variety of sizes.

While some customers noted that sometimes some air was still left in the pack, one happy customer noted, “The sealer can make a ¼-inch wide seal even with oil in the sealing area. The machine requires a short cool-down period between seals (average of about five seconds) but can seal 50–60 bags without overheating.”

BUY NOW: US$429.99, Amazon

3. Best Commercial Vacuum Sealer for Meat—VacMaster Chamber Meat Vacuum Sealer

Featuring a double seal, a compact footprint, and quiet functioning, VacMaster’s countertop commercial vacuum sealer is helpful for smaller restaurants or food processors, has adjustable vacuum settings, and can vacuum almost anything from stews to meats.

Customers have also sealed quart jars, potato chips, and bread with this unit. While it’s a little on the heavy side, one pleased buyer expressed, “This thing is a beast. We have wrapped hundreds of pounds of meat/fish with flawless results. A must for game processors.”

BUY NOW: US$1,039, Amazon

4. Best Commercial Vacuum Sealer for Liquids—PolyScience Vacuum Sealer

This PolyScience 300 commercial vacuum sealer is a must for sous vide chefs and is explicitly designed to seal liquids with its five different vacuum speeds. This appliance also comes with a handy marinate timer, three automatic settings for stews, fish, or meat, and a dry-piston pump motor that reduces overall maintenance.

Some shoppers helpfully suggested reducing the vacuum pressure to avoid the contents boiling over. One buyer wrote, “If you are sealing with liquids involved for sous vide cooking, the PolyScience 300 is worth every penny.”

BUY NOW: US$999.95, Amazon

5. Best Commercial Vacuum Sealer for Foods—LEM Commercial Vacuum Sealer

Whether working in a hospital or a high-volume restaurant, this LEM commercial vacuum sealer can seal foods for 10 hours straight without overheating. It has a practical storage bag container and cutter and is very lightweight at only 22 pounds. Its five-year warranty makes this one of the best options for a commercial environment.

One customer reported, “I just vacuum-sealed 40 pounds of chicken and 15 pounds of ground beef, took 30 minutes, and it never stopped,” and another added, “Absolutely the best vacuum packer we have used for continuous use.”

BUY NOW: US$529.99, Amazon

6. Best Professional Commercial Vacuum Sealer—Weston Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Another top appliance from Weston, the chamber Pro-2500 vacuum sealer features six different vacuum settings, including an entirely adjustable preference, along with a marinate and seal function. It’s able to close different types of bags, including mylar bags, of up to 12x12 inches.

“It ran pretty much all morning for a few days, no issues,” one five-star reviewer wrote, and another added, “I've already sealed a ton of stuff with it, and I'm super impressed with the way that it functions. I also enjoy the fact that this provides me the ability to buy non-conforming size vacuum bags.”

BUY NOW: US$984.09, Amazon

7. Best Budget Commercial Vacuum Sealer—Foodsaver Commercial Vacuum Sealer

Described by dozens of reviewers as a great machine for the price, this Foodsaver vacuum sealer is an excellent option for customers on a budget and includes features you’d expect to see on a pricier model, like a storage bag roller, cutter, automatic wetness recognition, and auto sealer.

It also has a convenient extendable handheld vacuum that allows users to remove air from Ziploc bags, Foodsaver wine stoppers, and other containers. “I’m vacuum sealing everything,” explained one happy purchaser. “The kit comes with enough bags to really test the machine. It’s super easy and quick.”

BUY NOW: US$200.62, Amazon

The Best Commercial Vacuum Sealer 2022—Summary

For sous vide cooks or businesses needing a vacuum sealer that can quickly seal liquids, the PolyScience commercial vacuum sealer (US$999.95, Amazon) is a top choice. Professionals who need to pack everything from flour and sugar to quart jars will do best with the VacMaster commercial vacuum sealer (US$1,399, Amazon).

We hope our review of the best commercial vacuum sealer has been helpful. For more similar suppliers, including suppliers of continuous band sealers, ultrasonic sealers, constant heat sealers, and medical tray sealers, consult our additional guides or visit the Thomas Supplier Discovery Platform.

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