Automatic and semi-automatic stretch wrapping machines

Atlanta Stretch SpA are specialists in the design, construction and manufacturing of automatic and semi-automatic pallet stretch wrapping machines. This includes integrating our machines into complex production lines, specially developed to automate the complete packaging process.

The company was founded by Mr. Angelo Forni in 2005. He was also the founding father of various other important packaging companies during the 1980’s, all of which still exist in the market today.

Atlanta Stretch SpA has a range of patented systems, which are contributing to more advanced and economically sound solutions, all without compromising on quality or technical performance. The innovations we have introduced allow our stretch wrapping machines to be installed even more easily and therefore in less time. We have also designed them to take up less space, consequently they deliver reduced costs of installation and integration. All this adds to our ability to provide excellent value for money in the the overall costs of packaging in general.

Atlanta Stretch SpA is now operating from the new headquarters at Santarcangelo di Romagna, near the motorway A14 exit Rimini Nord.

During the last 10 years we achieved an average growth of 20% per year. Our stretch film wrapping machines are in high demand, for that reason we have built a new industrial site covering over 11.000 square meters. Our economic forecast shows that Atlanta Stretch SpA will soon become the biggest manufacturer of pallet wrapping systems in Europe.

Because we focus on safety, innovation, energy and expertise, our stretch wrapping machines are extremely reliable, placing Atlanta Stretch SpA in a market leading position. We feel confident in being able to meet the challenges of the future as we have a collective determination combined with people who believe in their work and trust in each other to provide complete satisfaction for our customers.

Automatic stretch wrap machine

The automatic stretch wrap machine do not need the intervention of the operator either in the hooking stage of the film or in the final expulsion stage, the pallet in fact reaches the machinery through a roller which places it correctly at the centre of the platform; here the machine proceeds in wrapping it according to the program set previously by the operator, and once the process is completed, it is expelled.

Inside the automatic stretch wrap machines there are different types of product which are differentiated by the technology used in wrapping:

  • Turntable wrapping machines
  • Arm wrapping machines
  • Double arm wrapping machines
  • Ring wrapping machines

Semi Automatic stretch wrap machine

In the semi automatic stretch wrap machine the application of the film takes place with the supervision and the intervention of the operator; in fact, he must position the pallet and tie a wire of film manually; it will then be proceeded with the programmed wrapping cycle to finish with the final cutting by the operator, and the expelling from the machine.

The semi automatic stretch wrap machine are then divided on the basis of operation and structure in:

  • Rotating turntable machines
  • Rotary arm machines
  • Mobile wrapping machines.


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