EPS Automatic Shape Moulding Machine basic type

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■  Foam products of various specification produces by EPS shape moulding  machine have low moisture content, low energy consumption and stable size.
■  EPS shape moulding machine can perform four operation modes such as fully automatic, semi-automatic, middle startup and manual operations.
■  EPS shape moulding machine adopts mechanical de-molding. De-molding positions can be adjusted according to the thickness of product.
■  EPS shape moulding machine adopts three kinds of safe protects such as door panel lock, pause switch, urgent stop to guarantee safe and dependable operation.
■  Touch screen display, graphic interface, Chinese and English display, soft button and other man machine conversation modes.
■  The guide of moving molding board is separated with bearing to prolong the life of pillar.
■  Optimizing shape enable the machine to be good characteristics to meet the production of different EPS products with more than 98% pass and 20-60 mould/hour shaping speed.
■  Triple pipeline drainage technique, fixed mould, mobile mold and independent with vacuum system drainage enable cooling and drainage to be fast and expedite.
■  Main components and parts of this machine such as CPU module, touch screen, pneumatic ware, hydraulic component and vacuum pump, etc have adopted the famous brands both at home and abroad.
■  Computer can memorize the technical parameters produced with different moulds that can be transferred anytime.
■  EPS shape moulding machine can realize computerized production control and management with high automation, simple operation, easy maintenance, good working environment, and labor intensity.


Item unit HS-CXP-1200 HS-CXP-1400 HS-CXP-1750 HS-CXP-1800
Outline of mould MM 1200X1000 1430X1230 1750X1500 1830X1630
Max. product size MM 1030X830X 400 1260X1060X 400 1580X1330X 400 1660X1460X 400
Size for filling guns MM 1050X850 1280X1080 1600X1350 1680X1480

Pipe inlet MM DN80 DN80 DN100 DN100
Mould inlet MM DN40 DN40 DN40 DN40
Pressure Kg/cm2 3~6 3~6 3~6 3~6
Consumption Kg/cycle 3~4 3.5~4.6 4.5~5.8 4.8~6.2
Cooling water Pipe inlet MM DN65 DN65 DN80 DN80
Mould inlet MM DN25 DN25 DN25 DN25
Pressure Kg/cm2 3~4 3~4 3~4 3~4
Consumption Kg/cycle 20~35 25~40 40~55 45~60
Temperature 40~50 40~50 40~50 40~50
Compressed air Pipe inlet MM DN65 DN65 DN80 DN80
Pressure Kg/cm2 4~5 4~5 4~5 4~5
Consumption M3/cycle 0.020~0.025 0.025~0.030 0.032~0.040 0.035~0.042
Vacuum system Pipe inlet MM DN25 DN25 DN25 DN25
Motor KW 5.5 5.5 7.5 7.5
Cycle time S/cycle 60~180 60~180 80~200 80~200
Drainpipe MM DN100 DN150 DN150 DN150
Installation power KW 13.5 13.5 17.2 17.2
Overall size M 5X2.1X3.27 5X2.33X3.5 5.2X2.65X3.8 5.2X2.72X4
machine weight KG ≈4500 ≈5500 ≈7000 ≈7600

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