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Efficient storage and organization or your most-used tools helps you accomplish more. Ace Hardware carries a large variety of heavy-duty Craftsman tool boxes, chests and cabinets to help you keep your tools safe, secure and easily accessible. Finish any task with less hassle with the right Craftsman storage solution.

Learn how to properly store your tools and keep your workspace organized with the following Craftsman storage buying guide from the helpful team at Ace.

Quality-Made Craftsman Tool Boxes, Chests and Storage Solutions

Protect what matters most with a Craftsman tool cabinet or chest that's built to safeguard your hardest workers. Craftsman storage products are built to last and allow you to keep your tools in reach when you need them and safe and secure whenever the job is finished.

Craftsman Storage Options for Every Workspace

Craftsman tool boxes and storage products are ideal for all your tools, big or small. With an array of features, Craftsman rolling tool boxes, tool chests and cabinets put resourcefulness and convenience into the hands of every worker, from the professional contractor to the home do-it-yourselfer. When shopping to overhaul your tool storage, explore Craftsman storage options such as:

Craftsman Tool Boxes

Craftsman tool boxes come in an abundance of sizes and shapes to suit any task. For projects that require moving from location to location, a portable Craftsman tool box is a must-have. Here are some important Craftsman tool box considerations:

  • Choose from durable steel or lightweight plastic construction, based on the types of jobs you're working on.
  • Some Craftsman tool boxes come with removable trays for increased portability.
  • Lockable lids are available on some Craftsman tool box models.
  • Drawers on larger Craftsman tool boxes let you easily organize your tools.

Craftsman Tool Cabinets, Chests and Carts

Craftsman storage cabinets, chests and carts provide ample room for storing tools. When browsing for the right Craftsman tool chest or cabinet, consider the following:

  • When storing large tool collections, large-capacity Craftsman tool carts work great in workshops or garages. 
  • Look for Craftsman storage cabinets with deeper drawers to store bulky tools or shallow trays that make it easy to store smaller items like screwdrivers and wrenches.
  • Some Craftsman rolling tool boxes and chests are designed with lockable casters or wheels that offer both effortless mobility and stability as needed.
  • To keep drawers and tools protected, add liners to the drawers of your Craftsman tool cart.

How to Choose the Best Craftsman Storage Option for You

No matter what type of storage you require in your workspace, you'll find multiple types of Craftsman storage cabinets, chests and rolling tool boxes in our inventory. To find the right Craftsman storage solution for you, consider:

  • Accessibility: If you frequently move from area to area within your workspace, a Craftsman rolling tool cart will let you transport your tools with greater ease. On the other hand, if you frequently move from jobsite to jobsite, a portable Craftsman tool box or chest might be a better solution. 
  • Capacity: Factor how many tools your regularly use and how many you may purchase later on to determine the storage capacity you'll need. 
  • Security Features: Consider purchasing a Craftsman storage product with safety latches and protective covers to keep your tools more secure. 

Having access to the tools you need for the project you're working on is important, and having a place to store them after is just as vital. Shop the collection of Craftsman storage products at Ace Hardware now. Then, explore our inventory of Craftsman hand tools to complete your tool collection.