Small sewage treatment plants
Small sewage treatment plants

ATB small sewage treatment plants - The innovative and safe solution.

In case you do not have a connection to the sewage system, you need a small sewage treatment plant. What exactly your small sewage treatment plant has to accomplish depends on the particular requirements of the local water authorities. With the ATB small sewage treatment plants AQUAMAX ® or PUROO ® , you are always on the safe side. All our small sewage treatment plants are developed and produced in Germany. Our engineers have paid special attention to safety and efficiency during development. It is self-evident that our sewage treatment plants are easy to install and particularly easy to maintain.

Since 1999, more than 100,000 of our small sewage treatment plants have been installed and reliably clean wastewater from more than 500,000 people. Our sewage treatment systems are available as complete systems or as retrofitting units for existing multi-chamber pits. Especially the retrofitting is a very economic possibility to modernize a small sewage treatment plant.

Our systems have received many awards and are patented. Rely on over 20 years of experience in the field of small sewage treatment plants and waste water treatment. Of course, our small sewage treatment plants have all the necessary certificates such as the DIBt approval.

What is a small sewage treatment plant?

Fully biological small sewage treatment plants are always used when a sewer connection and thus a wastewater treatment in a local sewage treatment plant does not seem reasonable for technical or economic reasons. In these cases, the owner must ensure proper wastewater disposal via a fully biological small sewage treatment plant or a domestic sewage treatment plant.

As a property owner, you should make sure that the sewage treatment plant has a permit. Approved products have a valid general building supervisory approval for use as a fully biological small sewage treatment plant or an "application approval for small sewage treatment plants according to DIN EN 12566-3 with CE marking" from the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt).

Our products - AQUAMAX ® und PUROO ®

We offer solutions for optimal wastewater treatment in a wide range of applications. Our systems are used, for example, for the wastewater treatment of single- and multi-family homes, hotels, restaurants, tourism and food processing companies, as well as settlements and smaller villages.

Our wastewater treatment systems are reliable, powerful and durable - perfect for treating your wastewater.

The new generation of small sewage treatment plants!
Simple - Clean - Safe - Efficient.

These were the strict standards according to which we developed our new treatment system. Many years of experience from tens of thousands of small sewage treatment plants sold and the wishes of many customers have motivated us to further develop our small sewage treatment plants. We have combined the best of our proven sewage treatment plant systems.

SBR small sewage treatment plants up to 50 PE. The best-selling SBR small sewage treatment plant - for single-family houses and apartment buildings from 1 to 50 inhabitants, for new construction and retrofitting.

AQUAMAX ® -small sewage treatment plants have been successfully produced since 1999. The patented small sewage treatment plant AQUAMAX ® -BASIC works only with 2 units - this increases the operational safety.