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FTC GRP Panel Type Water Storage Tanks


FTC GRP Panel Type Water Storage tanks also known as FRP tanks in some parts of the world are manufactured from SMC using the hot pressed metal matched mold method. The process makes the material immensely strong which will secure a long design life with minimal maintenance. Our tanks are ideal to keep clean water clean and are used for potable water, drinking water, rain water and industrial water supply which require pure water are required. Our tanks are similar to fiberglass tanks just much stronger with smooth inner and outer surface, thus no algae and bacterial growth inside the tanks.

FTC FRP Panel Type Water Storage tanks cannot cor...

FTC FRP Panel Type Water Storage tanks cannot corrode like steel water storage tanks or crack like concrete tanks, it has no coatings or linings and would therefore never need to be repainted or relined. FTC Water Tanks have a long 40+ years service life with minimal maintenance. It is a bolted tank and the sealants between the panel joints are O-ring type dry SEBS Rubber seals that are non adhesive. This is beneficial for expansions/contraction that normally occurs in all tanks as it absorbs tank movement without compromising the seal.

Tank Description

Fiber Technology Corporation the FTC FRP Panel Type Water Storage Tank system is designed for every need, with unit sizes from 1m³ to 10,000m³ (2,500,000 USG).

The panel tank is a modular system, enabling a tank of any desired size and shape to be constructed. Panel sizes are from 0.5 to 2.0 meters in height and could be combined to create a tank up to 4m high. Formed from hot pressed GRP, and available in gray color. All units offer the option of integral insulation.

Tanks can be installed at ground level, on top of or inside buildings, or on steel towers. Typical applications include municipalities, industrial users, agriculture, aquaculture, reservoirs, hotels, hospitals, offices, private homes and other building complexes, as well as high volume long-term storage where regular piped supplies may not be available.

The unique advantages of the FTC pure water storage system derive from the design (modular panels designed for optimum functional efficiency), the material & process (hot pressed GRP), and the packaging (kit).

The Design

What is Sectional?
The use of sophisticated modern computer aided design techniques determined the optimum shape for the tank panels. Below are some of the many advantages:

Prevention of leakage
Convex base panels, with exclusive synthetic rubber sealant, create a self sealing characteristic, which enhances as water pressure increases.

Ease of handling, installation, or modification
Components for a complete tank up to 18m³ may be packed onto a single pallet for efficient transport. Individual panels may be carried to the final assembly point, with no lifting equipment required. Assembly is straightforward, requiring no special skills or equipment. Previously installed tanks may be extended with additional panels, or relocated.

Unlimited sizes and configuration
With the appropriate combination from the 13 different panel designs, units of any capacity from 1 to 10,000m³ or over may be constructed, in a configuration to respect any existing site restrictions (maximum height not exceeding 4m).

Easy maintenance
The design and material specifications of the tanks ensure that routine maintenance requirements are minimal. The exclusive design of the base panels ensures total free drainage, eliminating any possibility of residue from static water or from cleaning materials. By installing a partition, tanks may be cleaned one compartment at a time without interrupting supply.

Technical Data Parameters

Wind Velocity 60m/sec
Snow Load 60 kgf/ m²
Man Load 120 kgf
Seismic load:
Horizontal Seismic coefficient Kh= 0.3
Water temperature 40ºC **
Anchor Bolts shall be used to tie down a tank.
Panel strength is the actual “bursting” pressure.

**Sample panel exposed to 80% humidity and 80o C for a period of one month, remained unaffected.

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