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Benefitting from 65 years’ experience, we offer a  range of reliable wastewater management solutions, along with expert service and maintenance. Our tried and tested Klargester product range includes sewage treatment plants, septic tanks, fuel and oil separators, pumping stations, grease traps and rainwater harvesting solutions.

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Wastewater Management FAQs

A typical wastewater treatment system offers three stages of wastewater treatment, known as the primary, secondary and tertiary stages.
In the primary stage of sewage treatment, the wastewater temporarily sits in a settling tank to allow the heavier material to sink to the bottom. After settling, the remaining liquid is transferred to the secondary stage.
The secondary stage uses aerobic processes to further break down the biological content found within the liquid.
The tertiary stage then comprises of removing pathogens in order to raise the quality of water so it can be discharged safely.
The treatment works by circulating air into the wastewater – sometimes referred to as aerobic processes – in order to let bacteria naturally break down the sewage. The idea is that by breaking down harmful bacteria, the remaining discharged wastewater is then safe to be released into nearby watercourses.
There are four main types of wastewater treatment in the UK. These are:
It depends on what treatment plant you go for. Some can discharge the water back into the main sewer network, whilst others are designed to process the water so it can be safely discharged back into the environment, ie through a watercourse.
Yes. One of the benefits of responsibly treating wastewater is that it will remove toxic or harmful compounds found in the effluent, which can then damage sensitive eco-systems. Without treatment, sewage can have serious negative effects on the local water environment.
All Kingspan Klargester products come with a guarantee period. Our Klargester domestic BioDisc has a 7 year warranty, BioFicient 3 years and BioTec 1 year. Our commercial BioDisc has a three year warranty period. Terms and conditions apply.
Klargester products are supplied with a 12-month guarantee from date of delivery.

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