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Scaffolding for Sale

Looking for scaffolding for sale? At Badger Ladder & Scaffold, we have industry-recognized scaffolding products from trusted brands. Our products include multi-function scaffolding, scaffold frames, scaffold packages, scaffold towers, scaffolding accessories, and tube and clamp scaffolding. In addition, our website makes it easy to build your own scaffold package When you build your own scaffolding, you can save 5% – find out more information below.

With over 27 years of experience in the business, Badger Companies offers a wide variety of scaffolding and scaffold frames across the U.S. and Canada. Our scaffolding for sale, along with accessories, braces, jacks, and pedestals, either meet or exceed OSHA and ANSI scaffolding regulations. These products meet these requirements so that you can ensure that you and your team stay safe while on the jobsite. With several locations across the U.S. (located in Green Bay, WI, Cranbury, NJ, and Savannah, GA) and nearly three decades of industry experience, you can rely on both the quality and expertise of the experts at Badger Ladder & Scaffold. Give us a call today to find out more information.

To get started, please browse our online selection of scaffold frames and other scaffolding options for your next building project. Our scaffolding for sale is suitable for both indoor and outdoor construction work. Use our rolling scaffolds with caster wheels to make moving your scaffolding easier and your overall work much more efficient, or use non-rolling if you prefer. Or browse accessories to make your scaffolding package or tower complete. Please browse all our scaffolding products below. If you have questions, please speak to one of our customer service representatives at 1 (800) 863-9791 or by email at We can assist you with product information, shipping questions, and more. Our team is looking forward to serving you!

• Our scaffolding for sale meets or exceeds OSHA & ANSI regulations, so you can rely on the quality and safety of our products.
• Scaffolding has one-year warranty against manufacturer defect.

Build Your Own Scaffold Package

Build your own scaffold package and receive a discount! The package can include any of the following items:

  • Premium Scaffold Package - LF5Y (package base)
  • 1 - Single 5' X 5' Scaffold Frame
  • Galvanized Cross Braces - B74 (single items)
  • 7 Ft. GuardRail System
  • 10 Ft. GuardRail System
  • 5 Ft. Single Rail
  • 7 Ft. Single Rail
  • 10 Ft. Single Rail
  • GuardRail Posts for the guardrail system

For scaffold planks, you can either opt for the Aluminum Scaffold Plank With Plywood Top, or the All Aluminum Scaffold Plank. Add-ons include the Steel Base Plate, Leveling Jack With Swivel Base Plate, Leveling Jack With Socket End, Leveling Jack With Welded Base Plate, Industrial Caster - 1-3/8" Stem, Toggle Pins, Pig Tail Pin, and Rolling Tower Outrigger.

The benefits of choosing to build your own scaffold package is that you can save money, plus customize your scaffolding based on your exact needs!


Multi-Function Scaffolding

What is multi-function scaffolding? Multi-function scaffolds are designed for everyday use in either interior or exterior applications. Our multi-function scaffolding products include:
  • Drywall Cart
  • Guard Rail Set for Multi Function Scaffold
  • Multi Function Replacement Caster
  • Multi Function Scaffold
  • Outriggers for Multi Function Scaffold
All our multi-function scaffolding products are in stock and ready for shipping! In addition, you can trust that all products listed in this category have a one-year warranty and either meet or exceed OSHA & ANSI regulations. 

Scaffold Frames

Offering some of the best scaffold frames and accessories in North America, let Badger Ladder be your source for high quality scaffold frames! We stock:
  • Blue scaffold frames
  • Red scaffold frames
  • Yellow scaffold frames
Each scaffold package is available in a number of sizes, along with cross braces, stacking pins, and scaffold planks. 

Scaffolding Packages

Our scaffold towers are created to feature all the necessary parts to be functional and safe. These packages are a great choice for the DIY handyman, HVAC work, painting, and even interior decorating or maintenance. Our scaffold towers are suited for both indoor and outdoor use and are available in either rolling or non-rolling styles. Simply choose the appropriate height for your project and add to the cart.

Non-Rolling Scaffold Towers

  • 5′ Non-Rolling Scaffold Tower
  • 10′ Non-Rolling Scaffold Tower
  • 15′ Non-Rolling Scaffold Tower
  • 19′ Non-Rolling Scaffold Tower

Rolling Scaffold Towers

  • 6′ Rolling Scaffold Tower
  • 11′ Rolling Scaffold Tower
  • 16′ Rolling Scaffold Tower
  • 20′ Rolling Scaffold Tower

Tube & Clamp Scaffolding

We also provide tube and clamp scaffolding products. We carry a variety of lengths to put the finishing touches on your existing scaffold system. No matter if you need a 4' tube and clamp scaffolding or a 16' tube with clamp scaffolding, we'll be sure to have it in stock. Below is our list of tube and clamp scaffolding products:

  • Quick Lock Base Plate
  • RAC Right Angle Clamp
  • Rigid Beam Clamp
  • SWC Swivel Clamp
  • Tube & Clamp Scaffolding

Aluminum Scaffolding

Badger Ladder sells premium-quality aluminum scaffold towers that can be used for various projects. When it comes to our selection of aluminum scaffolding for sale, Badger Ladder offers nothing but the best products that you can rely on to get a project–big or small–done and done right. Our aluminum scaffold towers are unlike other scaffolding in that they are extremely lightweight as well as mobile which makes this rolling scaffold easier to maneuver.


Need scaffold accessories? Badger Ladder has you covered. We are a leading supplier and installer of high-quality scaffold equipment which enables you and your crew to work productively and safely at heights. No matter your need, we will have the proper equipment for your project!

Some of the accessories we carry in our store include: 8" industrial casters, end brackets, side brackets, scaffold tower guard rails, well wheels, mortar boards, access ladders and more.


About Badger Ladder

Having been in business for 27+ years, Badger Ladder can supply all your building project needs, from scaffold packages, frames, and accessories, to ladders, pump jacks, and even roofing equipment. We are based in Green Bay, WI, however, have several locations nationwide. At Badger Ladder, we are dedicated to quality in our services. All our products either meet or exceed OSHA and ANSI regulations and we even provide a one-year warranty on all products. If at any time you have questions relating to our scaffolding for sale, or inventory, price, shipping, etc., please contact us today to speak to a friendly and knowledgeable customer service representative.