Fix Roof Leaks Easily!

Just paint on Liquid Rubber and have a completely waterproofed roof - no matter what it is made of.

  • Liquid Rubber can be applied to metal, plywood, concrete, tiles and even asbestos.
  • Liquid Rubber will waterproof and seal pitched or flat roof, gutters & box gutters without the cost or inconvenience of roof replacement.
  • UV Stable, pollution & chemical resistant, and extreme flexibility so the membrane will contract and expand with the roof substrate.

Extreme flexibility of Liquid Rubber

Liquid Rubber will move with the contraction and expansion of metal.

Liquid Rubber is an extremely versatile repair product

  • Patching leaks in roofs, repairing cracks along parapet walls.
  • Flashings and sealing around roof penetrations associated with skylights and rooftop air conditioners.
  • Extremely effective sealant for box gutter repairs.

It's the easiest system to apply because you just paint it on.

Perfect for all Trades & the DIY market.

Q. Will it crack and “dry out” like the old bitumen type coatings.

A. NO. It will not crack or split as it is extremely flexible and is UV stable.

Q. Do I need any special tools to prepare and install the system?

A. No. There are no specialist tools required.

A high pressure washer (if available) is also useful for preparation or even a good pressure garden hose to wash down, otherwise you simply wire brush & sweep down area, then apply Liquid Rubber by paint brush and / or roller.

Q. Do I need to replace any timberwork?

A. No. Unless it's rotten or water damaged then you can remove rotten sections, apply Liquid Rubber over, and apply acrylic fillers for re-decorating.

Q. Does the roof need to be perfectly dry before installation?

A. The drier the better even though the rubber membrane breathes due to it being vapour permeable allowing you to install to the roof with minimal fuss on a damp surface.

Q. What surfaces can the liquid rubber be painted to?

A. Liquid rubber can be painted on almost any sound surface like metal, timber, concrete, glass, also corrugated asbestos sheeting, rendering it safe.

Roof Waterproofing with Liquid Rubber



Liquid Rubber waterproofing membrane great over rusted metal and gutters

Eco-friendly Waterproofing

No fumes

No flames or torches

Cost effective

Total bond to roof

Allows for building movement

Liquid Rubber is eco-friendly with no hazards for transportation, storage or DIY application.

Asbestos encapsulation with Liquid Rubber

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