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Pecora Corporation Epoxy Concrete Sealers from ProCoat Systems

Extend the life of your concrete structures and speed installation with epoxy concrete sealers from Pecora Corporation. Pecora has been providing building professionals with innovative, superior quality coatings for over 150 years. An industry leader in product development and enhancement, Pecora epoxy concrete sealers and repair products from ProCoat Systems are compatible for use with a variety of concrete structures, and proudly made in the USA.

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Long-Lasting Percora Epoxy Concrete Sealers & Repair Solutions

Improve the durability of concrete slabs, bridges, parking decks, and other structures with Pecora epoxy concrete sealers.

Pecora Epoxy Concrete Sealer Systems

Prevent wear-and-tear and reduce maintenance with Pecora epoxy concrete sealer systems for concrete floors. Pecora epoxy coatings impart a smooth, high-gloss sheen that is durable and easy to clean, resisting oil, chemicals, and stains. A sustainable solution, Pecora epoxy products decrease waste, allowing for the reuse of existing building shells, helping you to achieve a greener build. Their high-strength epoxies enhance structural integrity, exceeding ACI building code requirements for a hardwearing, lasting floor surface.

    • Pecora Dynapoxy Healer/Sealer
      This VOC-compliant, highly penetrating, fluorescent, two-part epoxy healer/sealer structurally seals cracks, guarding against moisture and chloride ion intrusion to prolong the life of floors, bridges and parking decks, and columns and beams in splash zones. Use it to consolidate porous and dusting surfaces, or as a primer for Pecora Deck products. With a super-low viscosity and luminescence under a black light, this formula ensures penetration into the finest hairline cracks, drying to a traffic ready finish in as little as four hours.
    • Pecora Dynapoxy Low-Mod Epoxy
      Dynapoxy is a VOC-compliant, solvent-free, two-component, low modulus, low viscosity, moisture insensitive, 100% solids epoxy designed for patching concrete and bonding skid-resistant overlays to bridges and elevated slabs. This easy to mix 1:1 formulation can also be incorporated into Pecora Deck 800 and 800 FC vehicular and pedestrian traffic coating systems.

Pecora Weatherproofing Joint Sealants

Pecora weatherproofing sealants ensure lasting protection. They offer versatility across a range of applications and are compatible for use with Pecora deck coating systems. Manufactured locally and containing recycled materials, Pecora products facilitate a greener build, including improved energy efficiency and a durable, lasting design.

    • Dynatrol I-XL
      This moisture-curing, single-component, non-sagging class 25 weatherproofing joint sealant bonds materials securely, even those with dissimilar structures, porosities, and coefficients of expansion. Available in general purpose, Tru-White, and XL Hybrid formulations.
    • Dyantrol II
      A high-performance, multi-component, non-sagging class 50 weatherproofing joint sealant that creates a tenacious bond, ensuring a watertight seal, even between materials of dissimilar structures, porosities, and coefficients of expansion. Available in general purpose and slope-grade formulations.
    • Dyantred
      Dynatred is a traffic-grade, two-part, chemically-curing, cold-applied, non-sagging class 25 sealant with a Shore A Hardness of 40+. It is an excellent solution for sealing joints in treads and risers, V-joints, control and expansion joints.
    • Dynaspan
      These pre-molded, class 25 expansion strips are available in different joint sizes for use covering and sealing existing and new pedestrian and vehicular traffic-bearing expansion joints. Because Dynaspan is not self-leveling, it is an excellent choice for effectively solving expansion problems on inclines and changes in planes that exceed five percent.
    • Urexpan NR-200
      This two-part, cold-applied, chemically-cured, self-leveling, abrasion-resistant class 25 epoxy is highly extensible, allowing it to withstand dynamic movement and long-term abuse. It is designed specifically for sealing traffic bearing expansion joints in parking decks, bridge approaches, ramps, industrial flooring, and more. It can also be used to effectively seal horizontal joints in sidewalks, plazas, terraces, patios, and decks.

Create beautiful, lasting concrete structures with epoxy concrete sealers from Pecora Corporation. Contact a building supplies expert at ProCoat Systems to place your order today.

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