While penetrating and acrylic concrete sealers have their place in protecting and defending your concrete, epoxies can often be the right solution for your particular project. Epoxies are a type of solution that will provide solid and thorough protection through its coating. While it can be used as a standalone coating system, epoxy systems are even more popular.

Epoxy systems are step-by-step processes that include an epoxy primer like the Epoxy 325 and urethane topcoat such as the Urethane 645. Typically, an epoxy will first be directly applied to the concrete substrate. This epoxy coating will be spread over the entire concrete surface, providing a solid layer of protection. After this layer, a topcoat typically a urethane will be applied over the epoxy base coat. This topcoat will be a substance that will dry clear, protecting the color and the epoxy base layers from spillage and other chemical or environmental conditions.

Epoxies are a great choice for concrete surfaces that are marked by roughness and scratches. As they are a thicker, heavier substance, they offer comprehensive protection across the entirety of your floors or walls. Water-based epoxies such as the Epoxy 325 are a better choice if you live in a state like California or New York that has strict environmental laws regulating the use of chemicals. Water-based epoxies are also better for indoor applications, as the hazardous fumes associated with solvent-based epoxies can be harmful to your health if they arent allowed to dissipate.

Epoxy 325 Epoxy Primer & Coating Urethane 645 Urethane Topcoat

Published Tuesday 31st of May 2022 // Updated Tuesday 9th of March 2021

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